Potassium Assay


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Product Features

Diazyme's Potassium Assay has an outstanding linearity range from 2.0 mmol/L – 8.0 mmol/L. Diazyme's Potassium Assay offers excellent precision CV% of  <2%. A comparison study showed that the assay has good correlation with existing ISE method's with a correlation coefficient value of 0.98, slope of 1.07 and y  intercept of -0.30. The assay shows virtually no affect by the following interfering substances at indicated concentrations: Na+ 150mM, NH4+ 0.5 mM, Ca2+ 7.5  mM, Pi 2.0 mM, ascorbic acid 10.0 mM, Zn2+ 0.5 mM, Fe3+ 0.5 mM, Cu2+ 0.5 mM, triglycerides 1000 mg/dL, hemoglobin 500 mg/dL, conjugated bilirubin 20 mg/  dL and unconjugated bilirubin 15 mg/dL.

Assay Principle

Potassium is determined spectrophotometrically through a kinetic coupling assay system using  potassium dependent pyruvate kinase. Pyruvate generated is converted to lactate accompanying  conversion of NADH analog to NAD analog. The corresponding decrease of optical density  at 380 nm is proportional to the potassium concentration in the serum.

Intended Use

For in vitro quantitative determination of potassium in human serum. Measurements obtained by this assay are used to monitor electrolyte balance in the diagnosis  and treatment of diseases conditions characterized by low or high blood potassium levels.

Product Catalog Number Format Method
Kit DZ113C R1/R2 (Dual Vial Liquid Stable) Dual Vial Liquid Stable,
Calibrator DZ113C-Cal Cal: 2 Level  
Control DZ113C-Con Con: 2 Level (Lyophilized)  
Regulatory Status