Heart-type Fatty Acid-Binding Protein (H-FABP) Assay


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Product Features

Diazyme's Heart-Type Fatty Acid Binding Protein (H-FABP) Assay is a convenient dual vial liquid stable assay ideal for analyzers which require two part reagent systems. The assay provides a fast, accurate and cost effective method. Accurate and reliable, the assay features excellent correlation with a linear range up to 120 ng/mL and a Within-Run %CV value < 3.6%.

Assay Principle

Diazyme's H-FABP Assay is based on a latex enhanced immunoturbidimetric assay. H-FABP in the sample binds to the specific anti H-FABP antibodies, which are coated on latex particles, and causes agglutination. The degree of the turbidity caused by agglutination can be measured optically and is proportional to the amount of H-FABP in the sample. The instrument calculates the H-FABP con-centration of a patient specimen by interpolation of the obtained signal of a 6-point calibration curve.

Intended use

The Diazyme Heart-type Fatty Acid-Binding Protein (H-FABP) Assay is for the determination of heart-type fatty acid-binding protein concentration in serum or lithium-heparin plasma by latex enhanced immunoturbidimetric method. For Research Use Only in the USA.

Product Catalog Number Format Method
Kit DZ785A R1/R2 (Dual Vial Liquid Stable) Dual Vial Liquid Stable,
Calibrator DZ785A-CAL Cal: 5 Level  
Control DZ785A-CON Con: 2 Level  
Regulatory Status