Diazyme Jonathan Dedes Receives AACC Award

On 9/18/2014, at AACC's (American Association of Clinical Chemistry) 25th International Symposium for Critical and Point of Care testing (CPOCT), Diazyme Scientist Jonathan Dedes received the prestigious award for "outstanding research in critical and point of care testing." The award was presented to Jonathan by Dr. William Clarke, the Chair, CPOCT International Symposium Planning Committee.

Mr. Dedes presented his research work focusing on the utilization of the biomarker Procalcitonin (PCT) in Critical and Point of Care Testing for the rapid diagnosis of infections and sepsis. The presentation highlighted the significance of PCT's role as a highly specific and highly sensitive biomarker for diagnosing infections and sepsis, and the effectiveness of the user friendly POCT instrument Diazyme Smart 700, that allows a PCT test to be completed in less than 10 min in critical medical environments including ICU and EMR. "The research data presented at the Symposium clearly demonstrated that Diazyme's POCT instrument, SMART 700, is an efficient and cost effective tool for a rapid and accurate diagnosis of infections, sepsis and septic shock" said Dr. Chong Yuan, the Managing Director of Diazyme Laboratories.

We at Diazyme would like to congratulate Jonathan on his accomplishments and his award.

Novel Use of POCT Devices for Diagnosis of Bacterial Infections and Sepsis in Critical Care Environments (PDF)

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