Total Bile Acids (NBT Method)


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Product Features
The Total Bile Acid (NBT Method) Assay is linear up to a concentration of 200 μM and has a correlation coefficient of 0.9918. The following substances normally present in serum produced less than 10% deviation at the listed concentrations: Triglycerides at 750 mg/dL, Ascorbic acid at 50 mg/dL, Bilirubin at 50 mg/dL and Hemoglobin at 500 mg/dL.
Assay Principle
In the presence of NAD, the enzyme 3- hydroxysteroid dehydro-genase (3- HSD) converts bile acids to 3-keto steroids and NADH. The NADH formed reacts with nitrotetrazolium blue (NBT) to form a formazan dye in the presence of diaphorase enzyme. The dye formation is monitored by measuring absorbance at 540nm and is directly proportional to the bile acids concentration in the serum sample.
Intended use
The assay kit is for determination of serum total bile acids (TBA). For Research Use Only in U.S.A.
ProductCatalog NumberPackagingMethod/Format
Kit (600 Tests)DZ092A-KR1 (diluent): 1 x 105 mL
 R2: 1 x 20 mL
 R3: 10 x 10 mL
 Cal: 1 x 2 mL vial
 (Calibrator Included)

Colorimetric, Endpoint,
 Powder/ Liquid

CalibratorDZ092A-Cal1 x 2 mL 
ControlDZ092A-Con1 x 1 mL