Direct Bilirubin Assay


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Product Features
Diazyme's Direct Bilirubin Assay is a dual stable liquid method that provides an enhanced level of accuracy, reliability and freedom from interference compared to conventional Diazo procedures. The test offers an extended testing range of 0.1 to 20 mg/dL, provides excellent precision with Intra-Assay Precision of CV% of <3%, Inter-Assay Precision CV% of <4%. The assay demonstrates no significant interference from ascorbate acid up to 50 mg/dL and hemoglobin up to at least 500 mg/dL. With a unique combination of low sample size requirements and interference free testing Diazyme Direct Bilirubin Assay is an ideal choice.
Assay Principle
When a sample is mixed with the reagent containing the vanadate, at around pH 3, direct bilirubin in the sample is oxidized to biliverdin. This causes the absorbance of yellow, specific to bilirubin, to decrease. Therefore, the direct bilirubin concentration in the sample can be obtained by measuring the absorbance before and after the vanadate oxidation.
Intended use
The Diazyme Direct Bilirubin Assay is an in vitro colorimetric assay for the quantitative determination of direct bilirubin in serum. Determination of serum bilirubin is useful in the screening of liver function disorders or in the diagnosis of jaundice.
Product Catalog Number Packaging Method/Format
Kit (900 Tests) DZ151A-K R1: 4 x 70 mL
R2: 4 x 18 mL
Colorimetric, Endpoint
Liquid Stable
Calibrator DZ150A-Cal 1 x 3 mL  
Control DZ150A-Con 2 x 5 mL